Chairman - Firas Zoabi

Firas is a prominent businessman in the community and he is the second generation in a family business in downtown Nazareth.Firas is a parent in Masar School, and joined it since its inception and was active through Masar establishment. He completed a Coach Training Course in Wingate Institute. He joined Masar Institute in 2006 and become a board member in 2008.

Yousef Hanna, M.D

Yousef is a well known general practitioner in Nazareth. He studied medicine in the Technion in Haifa and in Bucharest, Romania. Additionally he earned a M.Sc. in Medical Systems and Infrastructure Design. Yousef is the Chairman and founding member of "Orpheus", a non-profit organization for the advancement of multi-cultural music education.He joined Masar Institute since its inception and become a board member in 2003.

Jamal Hassanein, M.D

Jamal is an attending physician at the Neonatal Department of the Emek Medical Center in Afula. He studied medicine in Genoa, Italy and specialized in neonatal and paediatric respiratory medicine in Carmel and Rambam hospitals in Haifa. Jamal is a parent since Masar School inception, joined the organization in 2002 and become a board member in 2011.

Osama Omari

Osama, studied philosophy and sociology in Haifa Universityand trained as a computer technician. Today he is working in a bus company. He is a social activist and a member of the Foundation for the Revitalization of Halisa Neighborhood in Haifa.For the past 22 year she lives in Haifa, he joined Masar since its inception and become a board member in 2011.

Marie Attallah-Libbes

Marie holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion Institute. Sheis the general director of prominent company in the field of Electricity Engineering. Marie joined Masar School as a parent in 2003, and she contributed for the School development. She joined the organization in 2014, and was elected for the board in 2015