Service Learning Course is a yearlong course provided its participants with 140 learning hours within two phases, the theoretical learning phase and the practicum phase:

1. First Semester: Theoretical learning phase started in 1.9.2014 and ended in 31.12.2016 to include 16 meeting.

2. Second Semester: The practicum phase, which started in 1.1.2015 and ended in 2.6.2015.

24 young students, practitioners and activists has participated in the SLC, who were recruited by the TOT.

Came with passion and curiosity… learned to cope with dilemmas and conflicts… became more responsible

In the first semester, SLC participants learned in small groups and the TOT participants facilitated the learning workshop under the supervision of the CSOF facilitators. Through an open process learning methods the following subjects were discussed:

· Old paradigm and alternative paradigms: theory and practices.

· Action research as a method for social change.

· Human Rights: mediation as method for conflict resolution.

· Gender: alternative views for alternative reality.

The practicum phase is considered the culmination of the Incubator project, since it includes the design and implementation of 12 Micro-Projects. In this phase SLC worked in small teams to design 12 educational innovations, to be implemented in one institution. After implementation, each team exhibited his project in the public exhibition “The Educational Innovations Fair”.