Overall TOT objectives

The main goal of the Training for Trainers (ToT) was:

To enable experienced practitioners from partner organizations to function as trainers in the field of innovative alternative education.

The main strength of the ToT was the actual opportunity to put the social experiment into practice, while learning ("testing") about the implementation challenges, its intended and unintended outcomes through various actions and modes of operation. The evaluation report by Prof. Helena De Sivilia.

TOT objectives

The following objectives were developed by CSOF in the first seminar through a participatory goals setting process.

  1. Building a team of trainers, who deeply believe in educational innovation, and develop their personal abilities and professional competencies to lead processes of high quality training and social-educational change
  2. Developing an alternative educational approach and language, based on experience and innovative "theories".
  3. Developing a coherent model of collaborative learning for training/guiding practitioners.
  4. Creating comradery and a support network among participants to increase their ability to persevere in this difficult work.