The Incubator project was designed as a partnership among CSOs with different specializations, with the explicit intention to enrich the knowledge and widen the field of influence of each organization. The project was initiated by Masar– Institute for Education, who early on in the development process partnered up with two local Palestinian organizations- SAWA (Hyper Link), from Ramallah and Duroob(Hyper Link)from Yarkah, and one European organization- Anne Frank(Hyper Link)from Frankfort.

The guiding concept was to bring together organization from different thematic fields with different strategies for social change to enhance learning opportunities and develop better strategies

While Masar focuses on developing new methods of education education, Sawa aimed at protecting women and children victimsby helping them overcome fear. Duroob aimed at promoting leadership based on strength rather exploitation and a true sense of security and partnership in society. Anna Frank focuses on Human Rights by aiming at helping individuals and organizations promote inclusion and constructively mediate conflict arising from difference.

Masar consciously challenged normative educational practices without having ready alternative methods because it believed that innovations had to emerge through experimentation rather than plan. This strategy naturally required a willingness to live with a high degree of uncertainty. Sawa, on the other hand, employed very well known, structured methods – a hotline, training, and consciousness raising – for revealing information that was usually not seen, acknowledged, or discussed. As opposed to both Masar and Sawa, which explicitly defined themselves as challenging the mainstream, the strategy of Duroob and Anna Frank was to look mainstream while acting radically.

All four organizations were committed to freeing people from domination of the traditional paradigm of thinking so they could think for themselves, admit the existence of problems, act differently, and still feel secure.