It aims at empowering and developing the leadership skills of 11 activists using alternative methods of training and learning

    The Training of Trainers' – TOT is a capacity-building course supervised by the CSOForum, for 11 experienced practitioners from partner organizations. It was designed as a long-term innovative learning process, which extends over two academic years started in 1.7.2013 and

    officially ended in 30.6.2015

    The training workshop designed as an incubator for new methods of training based on open process concepts where participants reflected on their personal experience and practices to identify leadership challenges emerge while initiating change.

    The participants discussed the following issues:

    · Dominant paradigms of thinking and the alternatives

    · Authority of knowledge and implication on social change.

    · Participative leadership challenges.

    · Approaching uncertainty emerge during social innovations.

    · Gender and human rights:interrelation with internal and external authority as barriers for social change.

    · Action research as social change method.

    Therefore, the learning process based on two phases:

    1. Theoretical phase (1.7.2013-31.3.2014): lasted for 8 months, and officially participants engaged in 200 learning hours. Part of the learning was through intensive seminars and partly through systematic bi-weekly intensive meetings. In this phase participants cultivate new knowledge by reflecting upon their experiences, actual practices and previous learning process.
    2. Practicum phase(1.4.2014-30.6.2015):This is a very important learning phase, since participants practiced the knowledge and experienced gained from previous learning phase. The participants experienced and practiced leadership by designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating a Service Learning Course-SLC. In this phase they also met to reflect on the process.