"Learning Spaces for Social Change – Conference"


How can civil society organisations collaborate in order to enhance their impact on their fields of action? And how can transnational collaborations succeed? What is our understanding of alternative education? 

"Learning Spaces for Social Change" the conference we held in Frankfurt ,Germany from 6th to 8th October 2015 was the final phase of the three years project “Educational Innovations Incubator – Empowering Civil Society” started at 1.1.2013 and ended at 31.12.2015. It is a collaboration conducted by a German CSO and three Palestinian CSOs, two based in Israel and one in the Palestinian Authority. The main target of the conference was to bring together 40 social activists and researchers fromEurope with whom CSO partners has shared and discussed the results of the research while focusing on these objectives:

1.      Discussing challenges and dilemmas faced when implementing innovative and alternative education methods and projects with a multinational audience.

  1. Creating of a common language, relationships, and as a result, a networks between the  participating organizations.

The working for the whole conference time was together in working groups, Each working group has their own facilitator. Furthermore there were  keynote speakers who presented/discussed the following topics:

“ theoretical and practical input for the working groups. The topics were :

1.      Alternative education

2.      Civil society organizations collaboration

3.      Equality

4.      Hierarchy of knowledge

5.      Position & mission