Masar School was born in 1996 in Nazareth as the first alternative experimental Palestinian school in Israel joins the global trend of alternative school

Masar's work in the school is based on the understanding that educational visions must be created locally from direct reflection on the teachers’ practices, as they are rooted in the specific values, culture and challenges of the community.

This journey began with a group of Palestinian community activists, some of them parents to young children who were dissatisfied with the available options in the existing educational system. They set out to create an alternative educational setting for their children.

The group identified the dominant educational paradigm as a mechanism that perpetuated social exclusion and they embarked on a two-year study of alternative education.

This culminated with a discussion paper that was submitted to the Municipality of Nazareth as a proposal for an innovative educational initiative.
On September 1st 1998, with the support of the Municipality of Nazareth, Masar School opened its doors to its first Kindergarten class of 11 students. In 2000 the school was recognized as the first Arab alternative school in Israel

Today Masar School is firmly established as a regional comprehensive school (KG- 12) with 300 students.
Our educational process is characterized by reflection and inquiry, holistic teaching methods, social interaction and community involvement

Masar staff consists of over 40 employees who work in the school and in the institute. The school is lead by Ms. Rula Shomar, also a founding member, who has led the school since its establishment. The staff consists of educators who specialize in a wide variety of fields ranging from mathematics, science and languages to the arts, and philosophy.