General Director - Ibrahim Abu Elheiga

Ibrahim has been involved in Masar since its inception in 1996 and has been the director of Masar institute since 1998. He holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion and a M.Sc. in Marketing Management from Leicester University. He is interested in complexity theory. Additionally, Ibrahim is Co-chair of the Action Research Center for Social Justice Max Stern Academic College of EmekYezrel and a member in the advisory board of the Action Research Journal.

Projects Manager - Amal Abu Tayeh

Amal holds a diploma in early childhood education, she is studying her B.A in the Education, and Human Sciences. Amal is a project manager and chief Projects coordinator in the organization. Since January 2013 she took over the management and coordination of the organization major activities including the “Educational Innovation Incubator – Empowering Civil Society" project which is funded by the European Union, and the “Promote Alternative Orientations of Education as a Tool for Development of Palestinian Society" project funded by Welfare Association. Amal has Joined Masar in 2000, as a parent and second grade teacher in Masar School, where she ran exclusive alternative pedagogical projects. In 2004, she joined the management team in Masar School where she became the coordinator for the major school projects. In 2009, she became the administrative coordinator for the Capacity Building program and the annual calendar and main school activities.

Administrative and Financial Officer -Oulla Hallaq

Ola finished her studies inTax Consultancy and Accounting management in The College of Management in Haifa. She worked in different Civil Society organization, and joined Masar in 2010 as and administrative and financial coordinator. In 2013, became the financial and administrative officer