The "Educational Innovation Incubator- Empowering Civil Society", as the name implies, is designed as an incubator where new knowledge can be cultivated from innovative practices and it focuses on the field of education.

Therefore, learning from the process of designing, implementing and evaluating educational innovations aiming at social change stands in the heart of this program.

The project included three interrelated activities, each focused on one target group, linked to each other through cycles of learning: CSOF - Civil Society Organizations Forum, TOT – Training of Trainers, and SLC – Service Learning Course.
The following Chart describes the sequential steps of development of these activities through the project.

The sequential nature of the activities was designed to increase the project impact by targeting three different but complementary groups: Civil Society Organizations, CSOs and directly approached the leaders of the four partner organizations'; experienced activists and educators; young people academics and professionals interested in educational innovation and social change.

The following chart shows the sequential steps through which each activity increased the project impact by changing the target group while increasing the volume of the direct beneficiaries.

The project designed for three years but formally, it lasted for 42 months where it started in 1.1.2013 and ended in 30.6.2016.