Educational Initiatives Fair

Masar as part of its leading project “Educational Innovation Incubator-”, held the first “Educational Initiatives Fair”  in Nazareth 12.06.15

The project is supported by the European Union.This event was  a pilot aiming at bringing social initiatives back to the public sphere. itwas a marketplace – but instead of buying and selling it allowed exchanges of ideas and innovative practices. 12 micro-projects developed as part of the “Educational Innovation Incubator” was presented creatively, each in their own presentation space. During the event, a "Playback" theater group has improvised the stories of each project on one stage, and on another a professional journalist has  interviewed project leaders about their project's innovative concept and its contribution to social change.

Educational Innovation Incubator- Empowering Civil Society

The fair is a product of the three-year long program – a continuous partnership supported by the European Union between four organizations, suggesting a new space for CSO collaboration while focusing on creating alternative methods of learning. The learning process targeted practitioners and civil society activists interested in becoming social change agents.


Masar – Institute for Education (Nazareth)

Sawa – All the Women Together Today and Tomorrow (Ramallah)

Duroob – Institute for Leadership Development and Social Growth (Yarka)

Bildungsstätte Anne Frank (Frankfurt)