Masar’s philosophy for social change is based on the perception that all creatures are innately different

Difference between individuals, communities, cultures and creatures is at the heart of the evolutionary process

The accelerating, accumulating, interacting and changing events, which characterize an evolving society, contribute towards an increased intensification of difference.
The points at which
the different elements meet, trigger a deepening and diversification of conflicts and dilemmas.

Due to relentless encounters with difference, uncertainty is inherent in the evolutionary process.

In order to deal with this reality, Masar advocates the use of dialogue as a way of life, as a principle and as a tool for solving conflicts and dealing with uncertainty and paradoxes.

We perceive dialogue as a process whereby individuals become aware of the limits to their

abilities and of the uncertainty within their own beliefs and knowledge.

Heightened awareness of personal limitations enables the individual to accept and incorporate new information, through a process of adapting and changing their self-schema.

Changing self schema can also be achieved through the process of acceptance of criticism and feedback from others, in which both parties share in a mutual change process - not in spite of their differences, but because of their differences.

We believe that internalizing the idea that difference is innate, and using dialogue, as a way of life, is pivotal to developing a society characterized by harmony between different human beings and between humans and nature.

Masar’s Field of Activity: At Masar we are participating in the development of our community and society as a whole through education.

We perceive education as a central tool in shaping society and crystallizing its structure and nature.

We contribute towards the local, national and global dialogue about the need for new visions in education, by

developing an educational theory and practice which is based on the principle of difference

as being innate and of dialogue as a way of life.

Masar’s Target Population: As members of the Arab community in Israel where the dominant cultural hegemony restricts our development, both as individuals and as a community, we strive to develop our community according to its unique culture and history.

As members of human society, which is in the throes of rapid development, we intend to

participate in the global dialogue that determines the goals, trends, norms, and nature of this

developmental process.

Masar acts locally and impacts globally in order to influence the course of social development.

Masar’s Work Ethic: At Masar we transform uncertainty from a source of confusion and

anxiety to an entity which stimulates a constant process of evaluation and growth in all

levels of the organization.

An ongoing process of re-evaluation leads Masar to operate according to a flexible, responsive, radical and comprehensive strategic planning approach, which maintains our position as an innovative and professional organization.

As dialogue isour way of life, we conduct all interaction with our stakeholders in accordance with its principles.

Consequently, Masar’s management team, employees and all stakeholders are in a continuous process of learning and development.