About us

Masar (“Process” in Arabic) is a registered non-profit organization located in Nazareth, Israel.
Masar strategic orientation for social change is to “Act locally in order to impact globally” in the field of education, so that we could contribute to the development of both, the Palestinian community and the society as a whole.

Masar strategic orientation for social change is to “Act locally in order to impact globally” in the field of education

We also believe that this orientation constitute a unique approach to reversing the process of exclusion of the Palestinian minority in Israel, while creating a new knowledge about inclusion through education.
This unique strategy of Masar is based on 5 interrelated spheres of work: (1) development of new vision in education, (2) Research center, (3) systemic change, (4) Community outreach and (5) Capacity building.

This strategic approach also positioned Masar as a new initiative that completes the efforts of building a civil society.
While other NGO’s strive for change for the marginalized Palestinian minority in resource distribution and curriculum changes within the conventional education system through lobbying, Masar created a new vision in education that empowers the Palestinian minority to transcend its disadvantaged position within the framework of the Israeli Ministry of Education.

Through its school initiative Masar is endeavoring to produce systematic change in Israel at the grassroots, community and governmental levels.
At the grassroots level, Masar is contributing to the development of empowered, expressive and creative Palestinian children, parents, teachers and school administrators.

The program promotes dialogue as a way of life and as a way of dealing with conflicts. At the community level, Masar is building the capacity of the Palestinian community to teach, manage and facilitate new visions in education. At the governmental level, Masar triggers change in attitude and policy to transform local and national government bodies from an obstacle to Palestinian community development to a tool of community empowerment.

Our research center cultivates the knowledge and experience that we generate within the 5 activities, into a communicated data. This new knowledge and experience is distributed to all strategic key partners such as Academy, national and international Institutions, using our community outreach activities.

Masar strategic partners, such as international foundations local donors and local, national and international business companies, enabled Masar to continually increase its work.