Land Day

One of the challenges of Masar School is to incorporate learning and inquiry into local history, culture and identities, a challenge that grows with the age of our students.

 The goal is to create a process, which addresses complex historical and political identity
questions in a way that induces growth and social involvement.
 Over the past  years we have been implementing a program in all classrooms in commemoration of "
Yom al-Ard" (Land day), in which the students research historical topics in language classes, art and homeroom classes and meet with historical witnesses.

 This day remembers the events of 1976 where citizens held a general strike in response to the Israeli government’s plan to take land for resettlement.
 This announcement resulted in confrontation and the killing of six Palestinian citizens. This day is very important symbolically, as it is a central event in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Palestinian citizen’s struggle to have their identity recognized by the state.

 The activities we host at Masar culminate in Land Day, when the whole school community (parents, teachers and students) comes together to create, build, plant and hear stories.
This day has become a educational and enriching community event that both parents and students look forward to.
Learning about local and national history on this important day is given a deepened importance as students and their families come together to internalize volunteering as a social change value and to root the importance of the surrounding and its esthetics for national and international reasons.